Welcome Monday and Keep Your Sunglasses Home

Rain rain....seems like that's all the weatherman can talk about this week. Sigh! Anyway yesterday we went to the mega garage sale with proceeds going to the MidAtlanitc Bulldog Rescue and the GreyHound Friends of NJ. Two very worthy causes indeed!

Nala came with us and was delighted to see her former foster mom from MABR, Janis. She was so happy to see her that she peed on her in excitement! Yes I agree not very lady like but Nala can't help herself sometimes!

The rain held out as I searched among all the little treasures that were spread out in the yard. I wasn't looking for anything in particular when I came across a box of old pharmacy bottles. They were interesting especially the amber colored ones. I bought a few and went home with them a couple of other odds and ends. I hope the sale generated some much needed money for the two rescues. Coming up on August  7th, MABR is participating in another fund raising event in NYC which is going to be sponsored by BarkAid. For $20.00 you can get your hair cut by master stylist Patrick Lomantini. Appointment will have to be made so see the MABR site for details.

Looking forward to a short work week and celebrations on the 4th of July. (Remember dogs and fireworks don't mix. Keep them home!)

 Nala getting some loving at the gargage sale!

The old pharmacy bottles have a new home on my window ledge!


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