Simply Sunday and Dog TV

Good morning all! Waking up to heat and humidity again after a brief reprieve from it all! Oh well it's July in Jersey...what do you expect! Nala will just be hanging inside with the latest chew toy to pass the time. 

Speaking of occupying time for dogs did you hear about DirecTV announcing DogTV available to dog owners starting August 1st . It s 24/7 TV programming designed especially to calm, prevent boredom and relieve doggy depression while we are out to work all day long.

Featuring canine pleasing sounds, colors and yes even classical music with a back drop of interesting scenes of other fellow pups at play its guaranteed to grab Fido's attention. Commercial free (for the moment) it's only $4.99 a month. 

Time will tell if this new channel is a hit or flop. Since we have Cablevision we won't be able to check it out but if anyone out there subscribes to it I would love to hear their review!

Mean while we will beat the heat and stay indoors today. Stay cool everyone!


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