Whoa Wednesday!

I came home today to find that Nala had been munching on the copy paper box that we use to throw our recyclable paper waste in. A good size hunk was taking out of the corner and little wet pieces trailed through out the room. I suppose it's frustration chewing but I have noticed she has a penchant for paper!

Tonight on PBS's Nova they have a show called Dogs Decoded all about what makes dogs tick and why we love them so much. Maybe I can find out why Nala loves cardboard better than nylabones!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

"Nothing like a good roll of toilet paper!"


  1. My boy Hudson LOVES paper too! He will chew a box all day long if I let him. He loves his nylabone too, but he loves cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls - all those goodies. I'd let him chew them if it were any good for him, but I think that's more fiber than my big guy needs! ;)


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