Perspiration Tuesday

So we are having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave.....really...I'm not just using the Irving Berlin lyrics for the heck of it. All this week and into the weekend temps are going to be hovering in the 90's with the real feel close to 100 degrees! When I got into my car this afternoon it said 104 but it was sitting in the sun. The thermometer recalibrated as I drove off and then it was only a balmy 96!

If you are reading this and live in Texas or Arizona you are probably laughing and saying to yourself that's nothing but here in New Jersey it is considered big bad heat! Hopefully we won't hear of any moron who left their child or dog in the car this week!

Nala will not be going out for her evening walk because it's still is way to hot by that time unfortunately. It is a bulldog alert day meaning it is way to hot for walking. (Ozzie would of liked that!)  I think she feels like she is being punished when we all know it's for her own good.

I made a batch of yogurt berry cubes to cheer her up and cool her down. A delicious frosty treat that is good for her too!

They are easy to make, just take some frozen mixed berries throw them in the blender and then add to the mix some plain Greek yogurt. Pour into an ice cube tray, freeze and voila!

Stay cool all!

"I am not looking at you until you take me out for a walk!"


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