Sunday, December 2, 2012

Simply Sunday and Check up News

This past Friday, Ozzie had his check up to see where we stand with his lymphoma diagnosis. He had completed his five round single drug protocol of chemotherapy that was stretched out over a period of five months. His lymph nodes are back to normal and he is in overall good health. The vet declared Ozzie was in remission and this could last several months or several weeks. When it does return the chemo is not as effective. She told us that Ozzie is a delightful patient and that most bulldogs are difficult to work with but not our Oz. It was a good boy all the time. Dr. D gave us some hopeful information as well, that some dogs live out their normal life span in remission but it is rare. I am praying that Ozzie will be one of those dogs! In the meanwhile we will enjoy him as much as we can! 

Christmas is on it's way and we need to get our lights up outside our house. We are probably one of the last houses without some kind of holiday decor, oh wait do have our scare crow and pumpkins out on the porch, but that's the wrong holiday! 

We will be taking Ozzie to see Santa and have his picture taken with him. I think when Ozzie is asked what he wants for Christmas this year he will probably say "good health and more bully sticks!"

Have a good week ahead all!


  1. Yay for Ozzie's remission! Wishing him to be that rare case and outlive all possible prognosis :-)

  2. So thankful for remission and a well-behaved bulldog. Very, very happy for you! I hope he lives as long as possible! Merry Christmas!