Sunday, December 30, 2012

Simply Sunday and Almost 2013

We had a few inches of snow here in New Jersey yesterday. Today it's sunny and cold but it looks scenic and right for the holidays! Ozzie enjoys tracking through the white stuff and being a connoisseur of snow was engage in some tastings of it in the back yard this morning!

Right before Christmas Eve I was petting the Oz and found a lump right under his jaw line in his neck. I knew it had to be the lymphoma rearing it's ugly head but was hoping for something else to be diagnosed. I took him to the vet on Friday and sure enough he is coming out of remission. Dr. D suggested a new treatment that would be in pill form once every 3 weeks. They would do some blood work each time prior to the pill and he would be on that for at least 5 pills. She also suggested a injection in conjunction with the pills of a drug called "Elspar" which is given intramuscular with a total of 2 injections. This treatment may make him feel a little "poopy" for a day or so but she feels it works well and helps to extend remission. I am all for it!

Ozzie is in good health otherwise and he gained 2 pounds over the holidays. That is mostly due to all the extra treats and goodies that have come through this house! Also Uncle Fred shared way to much food with Ozzie on Christmas day ( I know he means well) but it resulted in some first class diarrhea 2:00 AM that morning! 

I will keep you posted on Ozzie's treatments and progress and pray for the best out come. 

I want to wish you all a very happy healthy prosperous 2013 and peace for the New Year!

"I detect notes of plum and a smooth finish! Yummo!"

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