Finally Friday!

We are down to the wire with the Christmas shopping! I think I have most of it done?! The problem is I am still waiting for presents I ordered on line. I hope they make it here on time. The extra bedroom is littered with shopping bags filled with items that by now are a mystery. I guess I better go through them and start the dreaded wrapping process. If I could train Ozzie to wrap gifts I would. Though without thumbs it would be difficult. Ozzie just loves the empty cardboard roll from the wrapping paper. He walks around with it sticking out of his mouth for a moment or two then he chews it to shreds! We are going into the city this weekend to see the tree again. Though we went in with another group of friends a couple of weeks ago I can never get enough of the city during the holidays! Ozzie is looking forward to the pending snow that is suppose to hit the NY metro area this Sunday. It shouldn't be much just a few inches but enough to turn the backyard into one giant snow cone! Yummo! Until then everyone stay warm and finish that shopping! Ozzie will wait here for Santa!


  1. Trust don't want a bulldog to help with gift wrapping!

    Happy holidays!


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