Finally Friday!

"Yeah it ain't a bad gig!"

Well the Christmas madness is in full swing and I have barely gotten started. My dreams of making my own Christmas cards with Ozzie on them went down the tubes due to my lack of ambition to get them done! I did find a cute box of cards with a jolly bulldog holding a candy cane in his mouth and Santa hat on his adorable head! It kinda looks like Oz. Good enough for this year! I have started some of my shopping but as usual the season has caught me woefully behind. That little alarm should go off in my head around Thanksgiving time to get moving on the shopping must be broke! Saturday we are going to see our friend Fred in an off, off, off Broadway play of "It's a Wonderful Life". He has the part of Uncle Billy which he has played before. He does a great Uncle Billy! Speaking of its a wonderful life, Ozzie has had his breakfast, done his business in the yard and is now sleeping soundly on the couch. "Yes Ozzie, it really is a wonderful life!"


  1. Have a "wonderful" weekend OZ. Zoe had to go to work today :(

  2. Ozzie, you are a massive boy! So handsome!


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