Early Christmas?

Yesterday I was returning home with some of my Christmas purchases when you know who started nosing about in them! He managed to zero in on the bag from Petco somehow? ( Do toys have a meat scent on them or can Ozzie read the bag?) I weakened and gave in to that smush face if his. He really likes it and has been playing with it quite a bit. It's some kind of elongated doggie with a rope belly. It will keep him busy until the big day when Santa gets here with all the loot!
l still have have to finish up my present shopping and concentrate on the food shopping. In the meanwhile Ozzie will have some fun with his new toy and will dream of "visions of bully sticks dancing in his head"?!


  1. Nothing wrong with one little early Christmas present, is there? Ozzie looks like he's really enjoying that one, too. Hope your whole holiday is the best ever!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  2. Oh Ozzie you are precious! Certainly you deserve an early Christmas present since you've been such a good boy this year. Have a wonderful and safe holiday. Zoe & Vaidehi


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