Finally Friday or a.k.a Christmas Eve

All the shopping is done....I think?! If I forgot anything at this moment in time oh well! I will have to improvise! Ozzie is a bit of a Grinch this season. I could not get him to wear the Santa helpers hat. He resists anything put on his head! In the meanwhile my husband told me the three Kings from the Orient had visited our back yard this morning. They left three presents! No it wasn't gold. myrrh or frankincense! It looked more like dog poop! Sigh!
I baked doggie cookies along with my other baking this week. Ozzie thought they tasted pretty good. Then again crayons would taste good to Ozzie. They were peanut butter and carob chips cookies. Carob chips are from a plant and are sweet. They are a replacement for chocolate chips which dogs of course cannot have. They even look like dark chocolate chips! Time to get moving and finish up my wrapping and prepare for the big day!
From our family to yours a very Merry Christmas! Right Ozzie?! "Arf "!


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