Mr Clean!

Well Ozzie had his bath yesterday. As usual he was not to pleased with the whole process but the end result is worth the mild torture he had to endure. Oz got the works this time, ears cleaned, teeth cleaned, special shampoo and conditioner plus the furminator treatment. Yes that's the item you may have seen on infomercials late at night. Well believe me it works! Natasha the groomer showed me the pile of hair that came off of Ozzie. You could of stuffed a mattress with it! ( not that one would want to, yuck!) I might add that the Oz man is looking very handsome these days. Also he smells less like a back end of a horse or how Will would describe it "He smelled like malt vinegar"prior to his bath. Now he is a joy to the olfactory senses. Sorry my camera's battery died just as I tried to take pictures at his grooming session, so I don't have pics to share. I will make sure I am charged up and ready to go next time. Remember a clean dog makes for a better smelling couch!


  1. Well, of course smell is in the nose of the beholder. I bet I'd like Ozzie's smell even better before his bath, but humans seem to hold very different views on these things from us dogs. Still, baths do seem to help to keep the itchies away. Even I have to admit that.

    wags, Lola

  2. awww clean doggies are always the best.. We say they smell like cow lol


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