Excuse Moi !

I guess most of us have been accosted by our dogs if not some one's dog at one time or another. You know the placement of the snout down under. Yes it is their way of getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Of course this behavior is only acceptable in canines. I would suspect that any human guilty of this kind of greeting would get at least 5 years in the state penitentiary and end up in the sex offenders data base file. I have read recently that beyond the crotch sniffing rudeness that dogs can actually detect the presence of prostate cancer in urine. Dr Alicia M. Prater PHD recently wrote an article about this. In it she described the test by some French researchers. "At the June 2010 meeting of the American Urological Association in San Francisco, two French researchers presented the results from the year they spent training a Belgian Malinois shepherd, a dog breed already used to sniff out drugs and bombs, to sniff out the presence of prostate cancer. At the end of the training, the dog successfully classified 63 out of 66 urine samples. Other researchers are wary of the results – the dog may have picked up on subconscious cues from the investigators." She went on to say that "Many feel that the dogs simply smell what humans cannot. Once that molecule is identified, testing will be simple and won’t require a well-trained dog or unnecessary biopsies." All that being said clearly a dog's sense of smell is far beyond that of their human masters. My question is why can't they pick up on how bad they smell after rolling in their own poo?!


  1. Our sense of smell is way, way better than humans. In fact it's hard to understand how humans function with so little sense of smell. It's a huge disability. We also have different taste in smells than humans. Poo good, soap, not so good. What I hate is when humans smell medicinal. Like when one of them whose name I won't mention here puts Vicks on her sinus areas if she's got a headache. Yuck! Won't kiss her when she's got that stuff on.

    wags, Lola

  2. Oh My Goodness!! Not only did I learn something today, I also laughed out loud! :) And Lola sure does sound like a funny girl!!
    AHH.........the life of a bulldog.

  3. Hey! Not only did I learn something, I laughed out loud. Realy Loud!! :)

    That Lola sure does make sense! :)


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