Lazy Sunday

Ozzie is just chilling today. Everyone is home and he is enjoying the extra attention! Maybe just a little time spent chewing on his toy keys and a couple of power naps before dinner. He needs to rest up since tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM he is going to the groomers! He doesn't know it yet and no sense in mentioning it! Hope everyone enjoys their day before its back to work and back to the groomers ( for Ozzie! ) Shhh...don't let him in on it or he will start looking for a place to hide. Honestly though where can an 80 pound bulldog hide anyways!


  1. Bulldogs can't hide well in the house because they tend to fall asleep and then the snoring begins and then they're found. That makes them an easy mark in a game of hide 'n seek. I hope Ozzie's groomer is as pawsome as my new ones. If so, then he won't mind too much.

    wags, Lola


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