Back on Blog and Ozzie Visits the Vet

Sorry I have been absent from my blogging duties. Seems gmail decided to disable my account for ( unknown to me ) violation of terms of service?! It was several days of wringing my hands and trying different online options before I was enabled again. Apparently there is no live tech support for gmail/blogger. Any ways onto more important issues! Ozzie went in for his annual check up this week. It was time for a distemper shot, blood work, stool sample (pew!) the works! He was not into going to say the least. It took a piece of cheese and several pieces of leftover steak from last nights dinner to lure him into the car. ( and we have a weight issue because?) Once there he went into shut down mode! Poor Ozzie, not only did he have to endure the regular assaults of the veterinarian but also treatment of conjunctivitis in his right eye and a ear infection in his left ear! His vet Dr. Tracey is very nice. She adores Ozzie and so do all the vet technicians! They all fawn over him in the waiting room. He has quite the following there! We also got some different diet dog food to try out in hopes that this will produce better results than the last! Oh he did lose some weight however. He is now down to 79 pounds from 81! That is some progress. We have to go back next week for a recheck on his eye. I guess I better make sure I have some more steak on hand.


  1. I hope he feels much better soon. I know about the ear infections. They're pawsitively chronic with me. I've known quite a few bulldogs who live by the motto, "Don't leave home. Period." It seems Ozzie subscribes to that as well. Good luck with the recheck trip.

    wags, Lola


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