Thanksgiving and Beyond

Gag that was bad, sorry!

Still trying to recover from Thanksgiving! After all the cooking and festivities I came down with the worst cold which is still ( pardon the pun ) dogging me today! Ozzie seems a bit sluggish too! I tried monitoring his intake on the holiday but I think some well meaning family and friends gave in to Ozzie's "mush face". You know the pose where he rests his face on your knee and gazes lovingly into your eyes! You just gotta give him something off your plate?! The reason I believe this occurred is that I have been victimized by the worst bulldog gas ever! I have been bombarded by it at all times of the day. The other night as we all lay asleep I was awakened by the most noxious fumes that sent me running to open a window!
Well onto the Christmas season! Time to sort through miles of tangled Xmas lights and face the challenging parking lots at the mall! In all the craziness there are some quieter moments that I look forward to, like baking cookies and wrapping gifts and watching "It's a Wonderful Life" on TV. Happily at my side Ozzie snores blissfully on the couch while dreams of sugarplums ( maybe bullysticks ) dance in his head! Achoo! Let me go and find the tissues and phew...get out of the room that has suddenly filled with a thick fog!


  1. Kinda sounds like Ozzie had himself a pretty good Thankgiving and the evidence is in the air.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  2. Maybe it's the turkey & the butternut squash? Zoe's having the same bouquet :)


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