Don't Fence Me In!

We have come up with a temporary solution for our hound Houdini who has been doing disappearing acts from the back yard. It is a crude structure of sorts but it works for now! Ozzie approached it yesterday and declared defeat. He then squirmed his way underneath the deck in rebellion I suppose!? Looks like we will have to fence that off as well. He is not a narrow boy and has to crawl commando style to get under there as it is! I wouldn't want to have to call the Fire Department to get him out from down under if Sir Chunky became stuck! Not like that hasn't happened before. I do recall the cat door at Ed and Marilyn's house. So it's a fair possibility! Oh Ozzie..............


  1. Oh Ozzie are you getting in trouble again?? We don't want you getting stuck someplace where you couldn't get out of. You better be a good boy 'cause Santa is coming soon.

  2. Hi Linda!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! First of all, Ozzie makes me HOWL with laughter! He is so stinkin' cute? I can just picture the bubble saying "who, me" when he does such cute things! Thanks for the tip on Florida! We were actually supposed to go there, but due to the oil spill, we opted for Mexico instead! We are making plans for Florida for next year! I SO SO SO learned my lesson! :) Oh! One more thing! I love Ozzie's Finally Friday posts! Give him a big kiss for me!

    Shannon :)

  3. I am glad you were able to come up with a solution so he doesn't get out. He is so cute.


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