Finally Friday

We are looking forward to a beautiful weekend here and will savor probably one of the last really nice stretches of balmy weather. Ozzie decided to start his weekend romping early with a tour around the house this morning. He ran ( well maybe briskly walked ) to the front of the house where he was in time to greet our neighbor Al bringing in his morning coffee from Seven- Eleven. As usual Ozzie ignored my pleas to get in the house and decided to plop himself on the front walk. That is when the Golden Retriever from down the street was taking her morning walk her human Dad. She was directly across the road from our house when Ozzie decided to make a mad dash for her. Yikes! I am thankful there wasn't a car in sight at that moment. I guess his mating instinct was triggered somehow?! Well she is a looker! I have learned some lessons from today. One, is we need a gate on the side of our yard so our little prisoner cannot escape! ( I have known this for some time. It has fallen on deaf ears in my house!) Two, he needs to have his collar on at all times so I can wrangle him into the house! ( Though he is pretty crafty at escaping his collar ) Three, obedience school is not a bad idea! Ozzie is currently taking his morning nap after all his exhausting sunrise hi jinks! I guess when he wakes up it will be time to play with his new toy, Senor Frog. Once anything is a week old he will tire of it and it ends up in the bucket with the rest of his retired toys. So it will be adios froggie very soon! Speaking of adios Ozzie wishes you all a great weekend after he has had his morning siesta!


  1. Ozzie, Zoe wants one of those green froggy's just like yours! It's Indian summer here in Ohio too.

  2. It was a beautiful day here, too. I was forced to interrupt my afternoon nap to enjoy the sunshine outside for a while. I guess you do need that gate if blonde hussy golden retrievers are going to tempt Ozzie beyond reason. It's not really his fault.

    lotsa licks, Lola


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