Thursday, May 13, 2010

Biggest Loser?

Ozzie has been complaining his collar is a little tight of late so we decided to get serious about dieting. One of the founders of the MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue recommended a diet dog food that she used on a rescue who was very chunky. They had received a female bullie who was 90 pounds and resembled a seal when she walked or at least attempted to! She lost 15 pounds on this food so with that I thought lets give it a shot! It is Purina Veterinary Diets OM formula. ( the om is for overweight management if you didn't guess! ) Our vet didn't carry it so they ordered it special for the Oz! We are feeding him 3/4 of a cup twice a day. At night I mix his portion with steamed green beans to bulk it up a little. It doesn't seem like much but something has got to give. My only reservation about the food is that it has wheat in it, a product I have avoided so far since it is the culprit of many skin allergies in bulldogs. Honestly I am not sure if Ozzie is liking his new food. He stares at me as if to say "What's this stuff?!" when I put it in his bowl. Hopefully I won't weaken and give him too many treats! Well it's only week one so let's see how it goes.

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  1. Good luck to Ozzie. It's hard to lose weight, or so my moms say. I keep slim by being a picky eater. They should try being a little choosier, I think.

    wags, Lola