Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Achey Brakey Cephalic Pooches

Yesterday on the CBS morning show they had a segment that featured dogs that fall into the brachycephalic category or flat faced pooches. Veterinarian contributor Dr Debbye Turner Bell gave a very informative explanation on the special needs of these dogs. For any of you that are considering getting one of these pups it is a good primer for the care they require. The word Brachycephalic is from the Greek words "Brachy" which means short and "Cephalic" which means head. Of course the Bulldog falls into this category as well as the Pug, the French Bulldog, the Boston Terrier and the Boxer just to name a few. Pretty much any dog with a smushed in face would be considered "BC". Because of their unique structure they are prone to breathing problems. With a narrow trachea (windpipe) and stenotic snares ( small nasal openings ) breathing is quite often compromised. I haven't met a Bulldog or Pug or didn't snore! They are more inclined to suffer heat stroke and should never be walked during the heat of the day or left in a hot environment. When the thermometer reaches 80 degrees that is when it is best to have them lounging in the air conditioning sipping a Pina Colada ! Well maybe it's best the owner have the Pina Colada and the pooch just chill. Air travel can he hazardous due to their intolerance of the heat and cold. If your dog cannot fit in the cabin with you think twice. The cargo area which is often not temperature controlled like the cabin can be a death trap for them! Any way you will find Ozzie just "chillin" this summer in the central air taking his usual power naps undisturbed. Here is the link to the segment if you have a moment to watch it is very interesting.

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  1. I know that power naps are very important to bulldogs. Well, they are to me, too, actually, but no one can sleep like a bulldog. We are both molosser type dogs, so my snout is short, too, but longer than Ozzie's would be. I don't have the breathing issues that he would have, but it does give me a nice assortment of snorts and grunts to work with.

    wags, Lola