Friday, May 21, 2010

Pet Peeves: BP Should Stand for Betray the People!

I have to end the week with what has been on my mind the most lately, the oil spill in the Gulf. At least 6 million gallons of oil have gushed into the Gulf since April 20th with scientists estimating that at a low end. Yesterday Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts (D) stated "We cannot trust BP any more and they have lost all credibility! It's clear that they have been hiding the actual consequences of this spill." Yes certainly a company who seems to not have had an emergency disaster recovery plan in place and is just shooting from the hip in attempt to stop the oil spill of one of the worst ecological disasters of our time should appear less than credible. In matter of fact our government should seem that way too! Why didn't the agency who sees after off shore drilling and the Environmental Protection Agency mandate and inspect British Petroleum's disaster contingency plans?! Was our government to blame for looking the other way while the profits were flowing in for all?! Meanwhile the delicate marshes of the Mississippi Delta are thick with sludge the texture of latex paint which is slowly destroying all the plant and animal life that calls it home. Such a bounty of rich marine and bird life lost for now generations to come. If we are not technologically advanced enough to be able to drill off shore and handle any problems that ensue then we should not be there! The bottom line is that it always comes down to mans greed which wins over his conscience!

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