Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bully Sticks Revealed

I have bought Bully Sticks for Ozzie on occasions as a special treat. Once he gets a hold of one he goes to work chomping away going into a trance like state of nirvana. It is the only thing I ever saw him bury in the backyard, maybe for when times get rough and he needs a fix! Not until recently have I figured out the true identity of this coveted doggie delight! I thought that it was simply a tendon from a cow but I have come to the realization it is a quite different part of a cow's anatomy. I saw them referred to as Pizzels, which set me to wondering. As I looked up the meaning of the word I found that it is Old English for penis derived from the German word pesel. Yikes! That seems a bit repulsive, at least by a human stand point but dogs don't know any better. I guess that if they use every part of the cow there is no waste?! It's not like I am going to find it in the local grocery's meat counter or floating in my soup at a fine restaurant! It certainly has added a new level of gross to the item but what the heck! Ozzie loves them and they are better than rawhide since they are digestible and low in fat. I guess from now on I will always giggle a little when I go into a pet store and ask where are the bully sticks. ( though I am sure the cow is not laughing at all! )


  1. Hello!! I got your message on my blog and I am SO excited to find yours! We are bulldog lovers to the very core! Annabelle and Zoey are the bright spot in our days and we couldn't have any better "kids".
    They totally rule our roost and boy do they ever know it. Have a great day! Shannon

  2. I guess that's why they call them BULLy sticks. Well, humans eat Rocky Mountain Oysters. Not any humans I know, unfortunately, but I've heard that some of them do.

    wags, Lola

  3. Bully sticks are the best dog chew you could give your pet as a treat. This will give you both peace and comfort for hours.