A Summer Day in April

We had an unusually warm, I should say hot day here in the North East this past Wednesday. The thermometer reached to 92 degrees in the Tri-State area! Not your normal early April temperature by any means! We hesitated to run the AC since that meant unwrapping the unit outside and a few adjustments to the HVAC system. It was just a freak heat and we saw no need to get into running it for one day. Well Ozzie had different thoughts on the subject. We had the ceiling fans on but that didn't cut it for our furry friend! I am aware of how intolerant bulldogs are to heat. In fact it is down right dangerous for them. Anything above 80 degrees and they must stay in where it is air conditioned. With their short muzzles and extremely narrow trachea it makes it very challenging for them to pant in order to cool themselves. Oz seemed okay for most of the day, electing to lay inside on the kitchen floor with his ice water near by. Collectively the day was too much and by the evening he was pooped. The coup de gras was when he ascended the stairs for the evening! The panting went on for several minutes at the top and I was a wreck over it! Sorry buddy next time we have a day like that the AC is going on all the way! Blissfully it has returned to Spring time temps in the low 60's just where Ozzie likes it!


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