Stamps to the Rescue

Starting April 30th you will be able to purchase stamps that will help buy food for animal shelters. Ellen DeGeneres is teaming up with Halo "Purely for Pets" and the US Post office to buy a million meals for animals in shelters around the country. The stamps themselves will feature photos of five cats and five dogs taken by photographer Sally Anderson-Bruce. These animals were adopted in her hometown of New Milford Connecticut. Thanks to the effort of the shelter and some kind hearted folks they now all have forever homes! You can pre-order on line at :
Millions of cats and dogs are needlessly euthanized each year unnecessarily. Lets do what we can to help out our local shelters and think adopt rather than buy! I promise you that you will have a friend for life when you open your heart and home to a shelter dog or cat!


  1. Thanks for the head ups. I will instruct my humans to buy those stamps. I'm sure they'll be glad to do it. Blog Mom says she's been through New Milford, CT tons of times. She's still sad about the closing of some diner on Rte 7 in New Milford. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I have to humor her sometimes.

    wags, Lola


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