Bulldogs at the Beach

What a whirlwind weekend for Ozzie! Saturday afternoon was the Belmar Bulldog Beach Bash. It was a glorious Spring day with temps in the high 60's. We arrived to find the folks of the MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue had set up camp on strip of beach right off 2ND Avenue where at least 50 bulldogs and their owners convened. Lets say Ozzie was less than enthusiastic about joining them! We managed to hit the beach with Mr Reluctance. There he sniffed around a bit and relieved himself creating a poopy sandcastle! Monty, Ozzie's foster Dad from the rescue was there, and he was delighted to see him. Everyone couldn't help but notice that the Oz was the biggest bulldog there. Maybe I should say the fattest bulldog. Yup a not so prestigious honor, he outweighed all the other bullies by pounds and pounds! We stayed for about an hour and a half. By that time Ozzie had his full of his brethren! The ride home was his favorite part of the day!
Unfortunately my camera which is quite ancient decided to take pictures when it felt inclined to do so. One of the best photo ops of the year for me and I walked away with only four pictures!
On Sunday we were invited to have dinner with our friends Terri and Dan at their home. It had been raining since Saturday night and conditions had gotten a bit soggy and cool. Ozzie was invited as well and I think he was a little disgusted when he found out we had to go back in the car again. Perhaps fearing we where headed back to the beach. When we arrived we were greeted by their dogs Tank, a lanky Labradoodle and Harley a cute little Pom-Chi ( a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix ) their newest edition to the family! Ozzie was actually quite happy to see them and romp around in the wet grass of their spacious yard. I believe at first he couldn't figure out if Harley was a dog or a cat?! He chased him around the house a bit until he could figure out what he was! Ozzie really enjoyed playing with his friends and was reluctant to leave at the end of the evening!
Needless to say that this rainy Monday morning we find him catching up on some much needed rest from his hectic weekend! A guy has gotta get his beauty sleep ya know! Zzzzzz!


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