Finally Friday and the Trouble With Cardboard

Nothing like waking up to the sound of a bulldog throwing up on your bed! Works better than my alarm clock! I got up like a shot to clean the mess and comfort poor Nala. When I saw what she tossed I was a bit freaked! It was about 5 inches long and brownish in color. My sleepy brain could not figure it out! As I came more to consciousness I realized it was ....cardboard! 

Yesterday Nala was acting a little sluggish...not eating all of her breakfast and just not herself. That evening she seemed ok and I didn't think much of it. Now in hind sight I remember she was chomping on a card board box the day before. She gets great joy running around with it her in mouth and tearing it into pieces! Little did I realize she was swallowing much of it! I guess that's the end of doing that!

She is feeling better and is back to her ole self now. Nothing like a little fiber in your diet .....though make sure it's not the cardboard kind!

Have a wonderful weekend!

"Burp! Oh excuse me, I may have over done it!"


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