Simply Sunday and Take your Medicine!

Ah....., another weekend has sped by! Saturday proved to be a nice spring day where you could get out and really stretch your paws and play! Sunday ..not so much...feels like winter just doesn't want to let go. We are suppose to get a few inches of snow on Tuesday! Yuck!

With the supposed advent of spring you should make sure that your dog has his heart-worm medication monthly. Warm weather is the gateway for mosquitoes which are the culprits behind heart-worm. I give Nala her heart-worm pill year round. If you have taken your pup off heart-worm meds during the winter months you need to renew your medication right away! Call your vet, it may be time for a yearly blood test to check for heart-worm infection.

In the meanwhile have a wonderful week!

"Sorry .....I bit a hole in his butt and all his cotton ball guts came spilling out!"


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