Sweet Tooth Saturday

Here we are on a rainy Saturday. Finally the Christmas tree is down, I was beginning to think how I could decorate it for Valentine's day! 

Nala has been acting strangely as of late. She now likes to spend time downstairs with Grandpaw, just simply hanging out with him. She would hardly ever go downstairs before this. I am not sure why the big change?! Perhaps its warmer down there or Grandpaw has some good doggie treats stashed away? 

Speaking of treats, I came upon an article in the Dogington Post about sugar being the main ingredient in many popular dog treats. Of course we all know that too much sugar in your diet can be disastrous for your health. Dogs are affected the same way people are by sugar, obesity, diabetes etc, and really aren't meant to have sugar in their food! But they are suckers just like us...we love the stuff and can't get enough of it at times!

I try to read all of  the ingredients on the packages of treats I buy. I am just checking a bag of Zuke's Li'l Links that I recently purchased and the first ingredient is pork followed by apples, carrots, potatoes and then maple syrup, which I assume is the sweet factor in this treat. Though I prefer the maple syrup to plain ole sugar, is this an acceptable ingredient?

Check out the link to the story and be on the look out for sneaky sugar in your dog's food!


"But Mom you know I have a sweet tooth...see!"


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