A New Year and New Habits

We got through all the holiday hoopla and are ready for 2014. The usual resolutions were expressed such as losing weight,  volunteer, recycle, get fit, save money blah blah! I know my personal goal this year is to be more organized. Though my home is not horribly messy it at times has items that occupy their wrong space. Such as my snow boots sitting by the front door for weeks instead of the closet upstairs or the pliers I used months ago laying on my desk that should go back to the tool bench in the garage. 

Lately I fell victim to one of these items that don't belong where they happen to be. I was playing with Nala on the floor when as I got up to walk away I had the misfortune to step on one of her nylabones in my stocking feet. My legs went out from under me like a race horse taking off at the gate and at one point I am sure I was horizontal and levitated at least 5 feet off the ground! I landed with a resounding thud onto the wood floor missing the forgiving softness of the carpet by inches! "Yowweee!" ..could be heard for miles, followed by an assortment of expletives! I screamed out for my husband thinking for sure that something was broken! As he rushed over I soon discovered that I luckily was still in one piece while he helped me to my feet. "Darn that nylabone what was it doing there!" "Either it's my terrible housekeeping or Nala forgot to put her toys away!"

Well my aching back the next day is the painful reminder of the old adage, "a place for everything and everything in it's place." Going forward I will return all things to their proper spot for 2014 though I am not sure if I can so much for my aching back! 

"Oops, was that my nylabone?!"

Wishing you a happy, healthy, organized New Year!


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