Munching Monday

Another work week is ahead of us much to Nala'a chagrin! She prefers the weekends when we are home with her. With all the attention she gets it's difficult to face Monday morning as you might imagine.

To show you what I mean here is a picture of my husbands studio chair that is in his office. She has been whittling away on it and this past Friday she really went to town! Its not like she doesn't have enough chew toys to make any dog jealous!  Frustration perhaps or just bulldog tenacity to chew something up to wood pulp!?

"Did I do that?"

Whatever you do don't sit there! Good week all!


  1. Aww... That face! It's probably both, bulldogs can't walk by a wooden stick without shredding it to pieces. I hope the week goes by fast!


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