Finally Friday and Bad Jerky

Nala is currently barking at me and making other bulldog noises in an effort to get me to hand her another treat. Treats have been a bone of contention in the news lately with reports of many dogs falling ill and or dying from chicken jerky treats made in China.

I try to look at all the labels when I am at the various pet stores and specifically look for where a product is manufactured! I did however buy in the past Milo's Meatballs which Nala really enjoyed but come to find out they are produced over seas and part of a recall!\

I am going to stick to brands I know that are made here in the US where standards are higher and hopefully we can get some regulation in the pet food industry to stop selling inferior products that make our pets sick!

I am also thinking of getting a food dehydrator and making my own jerky for Nala. It may be a good investment!

Well off to work and on the verge of a wonderful fall weekend here in New Jersey!


Is it Friday yet?


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