Wonderful Wednesday and Pass of Fail?!

So Monday night was the Therapy dog and AKC Canine Good Citizen test for Nala and her fellow classmates. Nala was first given the chance to test for the Therapy dog. I went into it knowing that she would most likely not pass since her fear of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches was still in full swing. Those things might as well be lions, tigers and bears to Nala! As the test began someone walked past her with crutches and she immediately cowered which was an instant fail.

We sat back down and watched the other dogs take the test. Nala's bulldog buddy Alfred (a.k.a. Nala's boyfriend) passed with flying colors, Some dogs only took the CGC test since they were under 1 year's old and not eligible for the TDT. 

The trainer thought that her taking the CGC test wouldn't mean much since the Therapy dog test trumps it. Though we thought it would be nice to have a CGC certificate to show something for her hard work?! We will try again in the Fall, and until then we will just keep trying to work past her fears.

Don't worry Nala you make us feel happy when we are blue .....you are our little Therapy dog!

Alfred taking his test.

Alfred comforting Nala. "Don't worry Nala you'll get it next time!"


  1. Aww... Bummer! I hope Nala feels more confident and secure next time. Bulka is scared of everything too, despite having been raised by us since being 2 months old. They have some neurotic reactions that are hard to overcome. I really wish for Nala to become a therapy dog, few breeds make people so happy as bulldogs. Xoxo


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