Ice Tea Tuesday!

So the summer has arrived with a heat wave and today is going to be sweltering in the NY/NJ metro area. Thank goodness for air conditioning! Our central air unit was broke last month when we had that brief but very hot stretch of weather! I really appreciate our A/C now and so does Nala! 

Today is considered a Bulldog weather alert day. Bulldogs need to get out early morning to do their business and only return outside when the sun is down. It's not a day to take a walk or play out there! Even the air quality is on high alert and it is suppose to feel like 95 to 100 degrees!

Over the weekend Nala visited our friends Jim and Nancy who have a 2 year old female Bernese Mountain dog named Riley. The two dogs got along quite well and Nala played and explored the yard which was huge, all day and into the evening! She collapsed into a sleepy doggy dreamland on the drive home. The next day she still seemed a bit tired, but she had a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing them again.

Everyone take it easy out there today!

 Nala and Riley observing the humans from afar!

Nala taking a breather on the deck.


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