Bulldog Eruption and Frozen to the Bone!

This past weekend was a bit stressful to say the least. The only good thing at the end of the day was that Ozzie lost 2.5 pounds....the hard way! I had made an appointment last Monday at the vet to get his left leg checked out. He had been limping for a couple of weeks mostly when he got up from a laying down position ( yes his favorite position!) . Our vet , prescribed an anti-inflammatory called Rimadyl. She felt that there was nothing torn or broke and that it was more due to the orthopedically challenged construction of a Bulldog. Along with a chondroition glucosamine supplement he would improve. I started giving Oz his medication and noticed that the next day he had terrible gas! The kind that would clear out any room in 2 seconds flat. I know that these dogs can be prolific farters but this was extremely odorous! Thursday night found Ozzie tooting away and I stayed up late with him to make sure there wasn't a need for a midnight potty run. Friday afternoon we were to leave for Vermont to go skiing and I had scheduled Ozzie to board Friday night at the vet's. I woke up to discover various piles of poo and vomit all over the house! My goodness what carnage went on during the night?! Poor Ozzie!! Poor me! As I began the clean up in full hazmat gear I surmised it was the medication that was the culprit! I called the animal hospital as soon as they opened to let them know I was bringing him in! This little guy was pretty sick. I was really scared that he would dehydrate and something awful would occur! As I sat in the waiting room he just laid there on the floor next to the door refusing to move. Once he was in the examining room the vet tech wanted to take his temperature. I told her " Are you sure you need to stick that thermometer there?! " Needless to say Ozzie did not let that happen. His poor little rear end had taken enough of an assault already! The vet came in and sat on the floor next to Ozzie and examined him. She assessed that he more than likely was having an allergic reaction to the anti-inflammatory. He needed to be put on IV fluids and anti-biotics. By this time all the vet techs had swarmed into the room with us. They were all awwwing over Ozzie. The office manager, Tara who has a bullie of her own promised to give the Oz special attention while he was there! It was like an Oz Fest in the room. Ozzie groupies every where. I felt a little better in leaving him in such attentive care. We drove up to Vermont Friday night. I called in to check on him. I spoke with Tara who said he was comfortable. I heard him barking in the background so I knew he was feeling stronger! By Saturday morning he was recovered and the vet said that he could go home. My son Will picked him up. Will remarked that he was stubborn about getting into the car with him. I don't know if Ozzie is aware the way William drives or he didn't want to leave his fans?! Meanwhile up in Vermont the high for the day was 10 degrees Fahrenheit! This means I froze my tuckus off. Well mostly my hands and feet. He has to be pretty darn cold to freeze that tuckus of mine! I was anxious to get home Sunday to see Ozzie! We got in around 8:00PM ish to see the Oz waiting patiently...his little corkscrew tail a wagging! He looked fine, no worse for the experience he was through. As he walked over to my husband he still had that limp! Yeah we were back where we started, except in our wallet. Mark now refers to it as his 1000.00 dollar limp! Oh well there is no place like home! Right Ozzie?! Arf, Arf!


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