2010, Year of the Bulldog!

Happy New Year to all. Here is hoping 2010 brings an abundance of all things good for you! I don't make resolutions, they are usually a set up for failure. Though I try to keep a good attitude for the year ahead and look at it as an opportunity to try new things or simply improve on last year! The holidays were hectic. My dad was visiting with us and there was a lot of shopping, cooking and eating etc.! Ozzie enjoyed all the extra attention! He reveled in wrapping paper and chomped on boxes ( this boy loves cardboard )! On Christmas day he must of had an extra 2 pounds of ham from his Uncle Freddie who unwittingly played into his sad sack begging routine! We are now back to normal and it's kind of quiet around here! Not to mention that the weather has been a little chilly to say the least! We are suppose to have another Artic blast of cold this weekend which will send wind chills diving into single digits! Ozzie doesn't seem to mind the cold too much! He goes outside to do his business in the back yard, eats some dirty snow and runs back in! I am sure he yearns for those warm June days when he could just lay on the deck and soak in some of the suns rays. Oh well he will have to dream on the couch until then. Snuggled up in my Snuggie mind you that I got for Christmas! Move over you big lug!


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