Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tired on Tuesday!

It's been months since my last posting! My old laptop finally gave in and froze up, where it still remains in a cryogenic coma under my bed! My new Lenovo is quite nice but I am still trying to master the learning curve of Windows 10!

In the meanwhile Nala and Sylva are fine! The summer past by like a wink of an eye and here we are staring down at October..just about! We went to the vet last week for a double appointment. Nala had her wellness check up and Sylva was due for his distemper shot. We made a late evening 8:10 PM appointment which worked out well. No one was there in the waiting room and the two of them had the run of the place! Of course we had our side issues, Nala had an infected face wrinkle and Syl his usual belly dermatitis. They were well behaved patients though and received several treats for their good behavior! Hey no matter what happens at the veterinarians stays at the veterinarians ...once you get the treats the bad stuff is all behind you!

Hope to see you all back here ...same bulldogs same blog!

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