Thoughts for Thursday

Well summer is unofficially over and the kids are back to school! The weather has even turned a corner with the smell of fall in the morning air! Nala appreciates the weather too, leaving the summer heat and humidity behind is a good thing if you are a bulldog!

We changed Nala's food from Fromms to Blue Freedom this past week. For two reasons; the kibbles were so small they were difficult for her to really chew them well, it was more like swallowing them down. Also at $70.00 for a 24lb bag is a bit pricey. Blue is a grain free dog food with its first ingredient being meat and at $55.00 for the same size bag it leaves a little more room for bullie sticks! We will give it a try and see how she does on it. So far she likes the bigger size kibble so we will see!

Waiting for the weekend as usual! Have a good day all!


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