Monday's Moments

No matter what dog park we go to we encounter another bulldog! Perhaps that goes to prove their popularity or we are just more in tune for seeking out our lovable breed! On Saturday we met a female bullie named Molly. She was mostly white with some tan markings. Very cute!

We now take Nala into the small dog enclosure, 25 pounds and under. Not that she can't handle her own with the big dogs, its just that I have witnessed some bigger breeds where their owners do not have sufficient control over them. Nala is somewhat submissive and they give her the once over. I then have to come over and pull Nala away before she is totally violated by their prying snouts! So we just stay with the terriers and the pugs and we are just fine with that! 

Dogs of a feather flock together! Nala meets another bullie friend!


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