Simply Sunday and the Circle of Life

 Ozzie went to see Dr. D on Friday. She was very concerned about the size of his lymp nodes under his neck and appartently there are some in his shoulder area too that have her worried. They are quite large.  Other than that he seems to be in good health. His weight is steady at 79 pounds and he eats like a horse and poops like one! She was going to talk with the oncologists and see if going forward with further chemo was worth it or not. My fear is she is thinking that this is the end cycle of his disease. The pill we give him is Lomustine 75 mg and we do not give it until we hear from the vet that his blood work is normal, which it was. It has very toxic propeties so we must wear rubber gloves when admineristing it to him. Of course slipping it into a piece of turkey bologna works like a charm!

Where do we go from here? I have been feeding Ozzie things like broccoli and organic chicken and giving him vitamin e supplements and eating bananas and oranges together. I was hoping that supporting his immune system with all this good food would help in his battle against the cancer. He was diagnosed last June and he is still with us and that is more time than many dogs who have lymphoma last. Most don't survive the first round of chemo!

I know that we all have our time to live and die but I am really mad that Ozzie is being cheated out of some of his best years to come with us! On the other hand we gave him the best home and the most love we could and I try to find comfort in that. Most of all he is still here and well and it's just life day by day that we can expect to enjoy him, each moment more special than the one before it!

Here is wishing everyone a wonderfu week ahead!

"Just waiting for dinner. So what it's only 2:00 PM!"


  1. I hope all "extra" days to come add up to become months and months of Oz' life with you... You are great parents!

  2. Peanut,
    Thanks for kind thoughts! It all helps to make the day better!

    Ozzie and Linda

  3. I think your positive attitude helps multitudes with everything! I'm sure, if nothing else, it will fill Ozzie's days with happy, positive thoughts. He's a lucky pup! :)


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