Rotten Clementines,Burnt Rice and Life

We just returned from a fabulous week long trip to Kitzbuhel Austria with our ski club. The Austrian Alps couldn't be any more stunning and the apple strudel any more delicious! Though the whole time I worried about Ozzie and how he would miss us so, but Grandpa took good care of him and he greeted us home with his usual stubby tail wag and deep growl of "where the heck have you been!"

Vacations are always wonderful and a true break from it all but back to reality my friends! It seems that Ozzie's lymph nodes have gotten larger since we were away and he seems a little more lethargic than usual. He goes for his next round of oral chemo therapy on Friday so we will see where we medically stand then.

Yesterday I bought a box of Clementines,  you know that sunny citrus small orange like fruit. They looked good from what I could see on the top of the box. When I got home and opened them I was in for a surprise. There were 5 rotten pieces of the fruit on the bottom of the box. One more mushy with green mold than the next. What a rip off I thought! Later that evening I was making some rice for dinner and I accidentally turned up the flame under the pot. Yup you guessed it burnt rice!
Life's little annoyances are sometimes an analogy to the bigger picture. Life may look good from the top but you have to beware, you will run into something that is rotten from time to time and watching your pot more carefully can result in less burnt rice.

Anyways it's good to be back home and I will let you all know how Ozzie does at the vet on Friday!
The Austrian Alps in all their glory!


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