Finally Friday and Bully Breath

Yes it's Friday folks! Ozzie is happily chewing on his bully stick out on the deck. He is really going to town on the "stinky stick" as I refer to them. His breath smells horrendous after he has chomped on one! They are pretty disgusting when they get mushy at the end. At some point I either cut off the mushy part or just throw it out if it gets real bad, much to Ozzie's chagrin!
The good side to them is that they are digestible opposed to rawhide which is not and can cause intestinal blockages. (I wonder why they still sell rawhide?! Oh yeah, profit off of misery!) They are softer in texture unlike the hard bones from cow's legs and the like which can cause a broken canine tooth or two!  So I put up with the yuck factor of the chew treat. I buy them in a whole food pet store here in Northern NJ called Wholistic Paws.  They have a nice selection of treats and organic foods. The prices are reasonable too!

Looks like Ozzie is done for the moment and wants to come back inside for his morning nap. Yes right on schedule Ozzie ole boy!

Hoping your weekend is on schedule too! Enjoy Father's Day all you Dads out there!


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