Razzle Dazzle Claims 3rd Place in Non Sporting

Bulldogs make their mark again at the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! Razzle Dazzle the 3 year old, 50 pound female who won the best in breed went on to claim 3rd place in the Non Sporting group last night! She is on her way to being one of the most successful Bulldogs in 30 years just winning her 27th best in show last month! Actually the winner of the Non Sporting group went to a cousin of the bulldog a French Bulldog named Ch. Robobull Fabelhaft I'm on Fire! While the Shar-Pei took second and the Miniature Poodle took 4th place. Ozzie slept soundly on the couch while the judging took place. I attempted to rouse him from his slumber when Razzle Dazzle won her ribbon but he was totally unimpressed and went back to sleep! Tonight we will see the rest of the groups and the Best in Show. I am sure Ozzie will be sound asleep through that as well. Perhaps dreaming of winning Best in Show himself. Then running to the prize of a 20 pound sirloin steak and devouring it! Sweet dreams my champion bullie!


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