Love is in the Air (or does Ozzie have Gas Again?!)

Valentines Day is this Sunday and with it the celebrating of love and affection between intimate companions. There will be the exchange of candies and flowers and of course the traditional Valentines Day card. Although the connotation of Valentines isn't always pleasant for everyone. For those without a significant other it is painfully referred to as "Single Awareness Day". It is a challenge for them to get through a Walgreen's without bumping into a heart-shaped something or other to remind them of their oneness! As for tradition the name Valentine was identified with a group of early Christian martyrs. Nothing romantic about that! Then there is the infamous Valentine's Day Massacre that took place in Prohibition era Chicago! I wonder if they found Valentines Day Cards in any of the dead gangster's coat pockets? Intended for some gangster moll that would never receive their pledges of love from their special thug!
I am a little wiser and older this time around and don't expect lavish gifts from my hubby. In matter of fact I would be surprised if he splurged for a card! Needless to say there will be some obligatory trinket and maybe dinner out! This year is a different because I have Ozzie. Every time he sees me his little corkscrew tail wags with affection and he always wants to be by my side. You can't beat that for love and dedication now can you?! That is better than any Hallmark card! I think that if Jenny Sanford and Elizabeth Edwards both go out and get a Bulldog they will be better off this Valentine's Day than they were last time around! Any way let me go and least get a card from me and the Oz to my husband. Oh yeah and there are chocolates involved in this too! One for him three for me!


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