Monday's Mystery of the Lost Collar

So have you ever lost your dog's collar? I mean it's like losing your wallet. All the ID tags, town dog license and rabies vaccination tag etc . This happened last Sunday with Nala's collar. We always take it off at night because she prefers to sleep in the buff. The next morning it was no where to be found. Like I mean absolutely no where! We searched every couch and under every chair, table and bed! In cabinets under rugs it was no where notta!

I immediately called the board of health in our town which issues the dog licenses. I explained my dilemma to the clerk and she told me it would be no problem to get another one. That day we did exactly that. So new tags new collar we were set. The only conclusion I could come to was that it accidentally fell into the garbage somehow. Because it was totally gone, missing, disappeared, vanished,poof!

The next afternoon there was a ring of our doorbell and our next door neighbor Al was standing on our porch. 'I have something of yours." he said with a puzzled look. In his hand was Nala's collar. 'Someone hung it on my back fence." Stunned to think that it was laying around outside we could only assume that it came off during her walk. We use a harness to hook the leash on so it could of happened that way but still it seems weird. I guess some one hung it on Al's fence in a vain attempt to return it....close enough. I suppose we will never know fully how it happened and Nala's not giving up any information. Now we have a spare dog license just in case a collar decides to go missing one day again.

"I am tired of looking for that darn collar, I'm taking a nap! Wake me up when you find it!"


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