Snow ...Let it Go!

Hello's another snowy day here in Jersey! Arghh! Well spring is a mere 20 days off and temperatures are suppose to moderate so winter is on the run! (Sure!)Though I must say Nala is enjoying the snow! She loves to run and dive into it and end up wiggling on her back, legs going every which way in a most unladylike fashion!

Word came out the other day concerning the dog food Beneful made by Purina. Supposedly dogs that were getting ill or dying had a common link as far as consuming this dog food and a class action law suit was filed against Purina. It's been disclosed that Beneful contains propylene gylcol a chemical used to maintain moisture in food but you may be familiar with it as a component in anti-freeze! 

Evidently the FDA is okay with limited amounts of this stuff in dog and human food alike though some vets are not that alarmed by this commonly used additive. I noticed today while shopping in CVS that a mouthwash I picked up had PG in it!! ( Gargling with anti-freeze!? ) I would refrain from feeding my dog any food containing this chemical just to be safe.Read the labels carefully on what you buy and make an educated choice. Just saying folks!

Check out the links below if you want to read more on this subject.


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