Thursday and We are Back!

For the last couple of weeks I was unable to add any new posts to my blog. I was really getting worried and tried a number of things suggested on different blogger forums but to no avail. Then this evening I just tried to get onto the blog and check one more time and voila it was back to normal! What went wrong I don't know but I am glad I can get back to all of you folks out in the blog-o-sphere!

Last week was Nala's 3rd birthday and we had a quiet celebration at home. She was really looking forward to a birthday party with cake and a few canine pals but the weather has made things difficult! There is just about 3 feet of snow piled out there and now they are predicting rain for tomorrow. Time to construct an ark! We will do something special for her when the weather gets warmer, maybe for now the best thing to do is a trip to Petsmart.

Though Nala has taken to the snow and has confused herself with a Husky at times. She does love to romp around in it and take a good bite out of a snow bank every now and then.

Well glad to be  back and stay warm and think of spring folks...after all its only 27 days away!


  1. I love that Nala enjoys snow :-). Bulka hates rain (I am not even talking snow), so it would be so great to watch her frolic outside, just like Nala does :-)

    1. Though it's quick romps, she loves do go out there several times a day. But the snow in the back yard is getting pretty nasty and most days Nala just longs to roll in the grass again!


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