Finally Friday and Patrick's Law

Summer is slipping by us fast! Today is a rainy one here in Jersey and this is my last Friday off for the summer! Poor Nala, she is going to miss our Fridays together but she always has G-paw! 

Exciting news here in the state of New Jersey. A new law was passed called "Patrick's Law" after a pit bull named Patrick that was horribly abused and left for dead. The woman who did this was prosecuted and because of this horrible incident anyone who does not provide the basic care for an animal will be charged with a 3 rd degree crime and those who do abuse an animal will be charged with a 4th degree crime. Previously this was just a disorderly person's offense! Yes unbelievable but now hopefully people will think twice perhaps! A great move forward for animal rights...thank you Governor Christie for signing that into law! Meanwhile Patrick the pit bull has made a full recovery and is enjoying the good life!

Nala and I will make the most of this rainy Friday. I know at one point I will have to make a bullie stick run, we are all out!

Here is to wishing all dogs and cats have good loving homes everywhere!

Enjoy your weekend folks!

 Whoppee! TGIF!

What do you mean this is your last Friday off?!


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