Suddenly Sunday and Please Don' Eat the Daisy's!

May is the month where you visit your local garden center and get some flowers and vegetables to celebrate Spring and beautify your yard. I was wondering what to buy when I realized I should make a list of pet friendly plants to take with me when I go shopping. I found a great site How to plant a dog friendly garden. that spells out what is pet friendly in annuals and perennials and for the different kinds of sun exposure. It also informs you what flowers/plants are poisonous. The list of toxic plants probably holds some that you have right now in you own yard. The innocuous daffodil can give your dog gastro-intestinal problems and even cause convulsions. Tulips and Iris can do a number too on their tummy's too. I was really shocked when I read that Lilly of the Valley was downright dangerous and can cause vomiting, cardiac arrhythmia's and lead to death. I was totally freaked out because we have a section in the corner of our back yard that just bloomed little white flowers that guessed it Lilly of the Valley! I never new this until now that those pretty little bell shaped flowers were dangerous to dogs. Ozzie never fussed with flora and fawna in the yard though he did have a thing for potted zinnia's ( they are dog safe!) I haven't seen Nala nibbling at anything but we can't leave it to chance! Well I guess they will have to be ripped out and replaced with a pet safe perennial! 

Also use pet safe fertilizer's etc. There are a lot of organic products out there now so ask your garden center or if you have professional landscapers ask them to use pet safe products on your lawn.

Hope this helps when you plan out your garden this season! Have a good week all, and by the way...please don' eat the daisy's! Really! They will make your dog vomit!

Here is the ASPCA's list of toxic plants with pictures and details about each plant.

Ozzie nibbling on zinnia's


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