Simply Sunday and Bad Bullies

Last night we ended up watching the Dog Whisperer. It was just by chance that the whole show was about Cesar helping out two owners with bulldogs. Both had aggression issues with other dogs and one with people as well! The one dog, Hugo, ended up going to Cesar's home for several months since he required intense training and rehabilitation  The owners of these two dogs were the best bulldog dads you could find and very devoted to their bullies. It just makes you wonder what goes wrong sometimes in a dogs thinking, They did explain that with Hugo, was attacked by another dog in doggy day care,that then carried  over into him attacking other dogs. One must remember that bulldog genetics hold generations of dogs that were trained to fight. Ozzie is really a good boy and is more of a lover than a fighter, though except when it comes to his human brother Will. (Ozzie still does go after him from time to time, and we still can't figure it out!) Any one who is thinking of getting a bulldog should consider that they can be difficult to train and should decide if they are up to the task before hand!

Cesar Millan has a new book coming out in January titled A Short Guide to a Happy Dog. Guess what breed of dog  appears on the cover with him? Yup that's right...a bulldog! 

This week I promise to make Ozzie his peanut butter and pumpkin cookies. I just need to get some organic peanut butter. I will post the recipe for them in next Sunday's blog.

In the mean while we are just enjoying the beautiful Fall weather this weekend. The leaves are turning brilliant colors and Ozzie is just soaking it all in!

Here is hoping you are doing the same and have a great week all!

"Happy Pumpkin Day...I just made that up..haha!"


  1. Great Ozzie picture!

    You are very right. It's easier to train from puppyhood, but any habits that exist can be very difficult to break. Fostering bulldogs in the past, I have put hours into training new, healthy habits and manners.

    But I'm sure you'll agree, the work is worth the payoff. I mean, just look at that face! :)

    Also, looking forward to the recipe! I'm excited to try it out! Thanks! :)


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