Saturday, September 8, 2012

Suddenly Saturday and Tool for Drool

Work has me too busy and I find it hard to post Finally Friday on Friday's so I will have to settle for Suddenly Saturdays for now. Ozzie has done well after his chemo treatment last Friday. No side effects this time and he seems to be fine except for that over the top panting from the Prednisone! The end of September will be chemo treatment four for our big boy. I guess it is going well so I will just keep praying that this will give him more time than the vet predicts!

I want to share with you my secret for cleaning up drool on a wood floor or any other hard surface. Its the Shark steam mop. It works with just steam to clean up the mess left behind from copious amounts of drool and other fluids that will go unmentioned. The wonderful thing about it is that you can clean your floor without using chemicals that can transfer to your pets paws or can licked off the floor when a piece of cheese hits the ground! (You know that happens all the time in our house...oops!) It has become a part of my house cleaning arsenal.

Another domestic point I like to share today is a new treat I make for the Oz. Its broccoli fried rice. I cook up some brown organic rice and steam some organic broccoli. You can get the broccoli in the Wholefoods frozen section. It's reasonably priced along with their other store brand organic frozen veggies. Then I throw them together in a skillet and and add an egg that has been mixed with some milk (both organic) and throw it over the rice broccoli mix. That is then heated up until the egg is scramble (cooked). Of course you don't need to use all organic stuff but I am trying to keep it that way for Ozzie since his illness. Needless to say Ozzie loves this but then what doesn't he love to eat?!

Hoping you all enjoy the waning days of Summer, have a great weekend!

"When do we eat?!"

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