Finally Friday and Achoo!

"Ah.... the sun feels good on my wrinkles!"

Again I have been negligent in posting on Ozzie's blog. Lately my part time job has had full time hours and I haven't been able to do anything but the basics! Ozzie is not particularly happy about this either. Though the weather here in New Jersey has been wonderfully warm and summer like at times and he has been hanging out on the deck with Grandpa during the day.
Along with the warmer weather comes need for flea and tick protection which I have run out of. This is going to require a trip to the vets. Well luckily all that over time money will have a purpose! Never mind my hair is looking pretty ratty and could use some help and a bit of color! Oh well.

Also with spring weather comes allergy season. I noticed myself sneezing with some other nasal symptoms. Ozzie is also one to suffer from allergen's in the air. Dogs can get skin rashes and suffer from the same things that cause human allergies. It could be a help to wash off their paws when they come in from the outdoors. Itching can be caused by mites or a plethora of fungi, so keep an eye on excessive scratching and paw licking.

Here is wishing you all a great weekend and ......achooo....hey Ozzie pass the tissues!


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